Volkswagen has released a software 3.0 update for Electrical ID. Model

Volkswagen ID’s all-electric range. Models have been given a new software update aimed at improving charging capabilities as well as introducing new driver assistance technology.

When VW launched ID.3 in 2020, customers had to go to dealerships to get new software updates. Over-the-air updates came last year, however, and now Volkswagen has used this ability to announce its biggest ID. Software Update Still: Software 3.0.

One of the key new features introduced with the 3.0 software is the new “Travel Assistance with Swarm Data” capability. This allows the auxiliary lane to change at a speed of 56mph. There is also a new Park Assist function that can detect parking spaces and take full control of the vehicle for low-speed parking techniques.

An improved version of this technology, called Park Assist Plus, is available It can remember frequent parking spaces. Up to five common spaces can be saved by enabling quick autonomous parking in frequent spots.

The optional ‘augmented reality head up display’ has been tweaked to include additional information and new symbols such as roundabouts. On the driver’s screen, the charge status is now displayed as a percentage next to the battery icon showing the charge level.

Volkswagen ID. Cars equipped with 77kWh batteries can now charge at a maximum rate of 135kw – up from the previous maximum of 125Kw. And there’s a new mode called ‘Battery Care Mode’ to extend battery life – setting the charging limit to 80 percent.

Volkswagen said the update will be free via an over-the-air update in Q2, although it did not specify which of these new features would be available on a specific ID. Model

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