Unveiled 2022 Suzuki Across (Revised RAV4) with New Update

2022 across Suzuki

2022 Suzuki gets all LED lights, fast charging time, USB Type-C port, etc. while the performance remains the same

Suzuki launched Across the international market in 2020 and it has received some model year updates for 2022. The Across is nothing more than a revised version of the Toyota RAV4 and receives LED headlamps, LED fog lamps, LED tail lamps, and LED turn signals. Capable of fast charging as a standard fitment courtesy of a 6kW AC charger at this time and now.

Charging time has been reduced from five and a half hours to just 2.45 hours when plugging in a 32A fast charger while the 16A home charger has been reduced from 36 minutes to five hours. Modern Type C ports have gradually replaced the Type A USB ports The presence of LED lighting has improved efficiency because the rear cabin lights and boot lights also feature LED technology.

The console switch and mirror controls are lightly illuminated for better use in night conditions on updated crossovers. A total of six exterior color schemes are being offered at the 2022 Suzuki Across, without any exterior, performance or interior modification as customers come in metallic or pearl without any extra charge.

2022 Suzuki aside

For performance, Across shares the same plug-in hybrid technology with RAV4 Prime. It has a 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine and two electric motors. The combined power output stands at 306 PS and is transmitted to both axes via the E-Four AWD system. The front-facing electric motor generates 182 PS and 270 Nm of peak torque.

Thus, when the Li-ion battery pack is placed on the floor, it helps to provide the claimed range up to 75 km in electric-only mode. Suzuki and Toyota have partnered to build a variety of new vehicles using each other’s power in different segments. In India, Reebok Glanza and Urban Cruiser are performing decently in terms of volume gain for Toyota.

2022 Suzuki covers the interior

Also, a completely new medium-sized SUV based on the DNGA platform is set to launch in late 2022. By 2025, both brands will bring a medium-sized electric SUV to the local and global market with a range of about 500km on a single charge, and can be priced at Rs. 13-15 lakh range (ex-showroom).

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