Toyota Supra is getting a manual transmission

The question of whether the Toyota Supra will get a manual transmission left enthusiasts wondering as the current fifth-generation car debuted to fans at an A90, 2019 Detroit Auto Show.

Well, enthusiasts no longer have to guess because on Friday Toyota finally confirmed that the Supra is coming with a manual transmission and will be coming soon.

According to Toyota, the manual transmission will be a “tailor-made” solution, suggesting that the current 8-speed offered in the car cannot be automatically borrowed from the BMW component bin. Remember, the Supra platform is paired with the BMW Z4, and its 4-cylinder and 6-cylinder engines are both BMW units that are paired with some German brand car manual transmissions, the Z4 being one of them.

Manual transmission for Toyota Supra has been confirmed

Manual transmission for Toyota Supra has been confirmed

Toyota did not say whether the manual would be available on both engines. The automaker also did not say whether we would see it in the US, although there is a good bet that we will offer a higher take-up rate of the manual transmission to the liking of other enthusiasts here, such as the Porsche 911 GT3.

Equipped with a manual transmission, the Supra will have a “Supra” script badge in red instead of the standard black, which will give cars some extra street cradle.

Toyota says more information will be shared in the coming weeks. Nice to see automaker #GiveAShift.

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