The upcoming Mahindra born electric SUV coupe has been rendered; Debut in July

Mahindra Born Electric SUV Coupe Sketch 1

The Mahindra Born Electric Vision Range will see the debut of three zero-emission concepts in July 2022 and here you will see the rendering of an SUV coupe

Mahindra & Mahindra has been teasing the congenital electric vision range of the concept of zero-emission vehicles for the past few weeks before their confirmed debut in July 2022. The trio of concepts have designed and teased the interior to give us a glimpse of what to expect. It looks like the brand will shelter the future lineup of electric vehicles.

More specifically, Mahindra has given us a mid-sized SUV, an SUV coupe and a compact SUV, indicating its intention to make electric SUV space a top priority. The Mahindra Advanced Design Studio in the UK has created the concept of the Born Electric car range with a team of designers and experts from around the world, and here is a rendered sketch of the SUV coupe courtesy of SRK Design.

The Mahindra Born Electric SUV Coupe could serve as a preview of the XUV900 which has already been rumored for some time. This will probably be a conceptual adoption with the XUV900, which is expected to be part of the brand’s EV range as eight new zero-emission vehicles are planned by 2027. Four of them will sit on a dedicated modular burn electric platform made from scratch.

Mahindra Born EV Interior img1

The digitally imagined sketch of the SUV coupe shows the presence of a straight front fascia with sharp bodywork all around with a bonnet bearing the Mahindra Twin Picks logo. It features muscular skid plates on the front and rear with prominent C-shaped LED headlamps and unique bumper parts, a heavily racked front windshield and smooth wing mirrors.

You can also see the aggressive looking bonnet, coupe roofline, accent wheel arches and newly designed wheels while the teasers also previously revealed the signature of the C-shaped LED tail lamp. The cabin features a twin-screen setup like the XUV700 and a wrapped cockpit design, panoramic sunroof, two-spoke steering wheel, nicely arranged center console and more.

Indigenous SUV experts are expected to release details of the technical features and range after their debut.

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