The new smart # 1 SUV has been unveiled as the City Car brand enters a new era

It’s the new Smart # 1 electric crossover, and it marks the beginning of a new era for city car brands. This compact EV is the first car to be built under the joint ownership of Daimler-Gilly and marks the transformation of an all-electric manufacturer into a smart one.

The new Smart # 1 Gili is based on an entirely new electrical architecture, called the SEA. This will underpin Smart’s upcoming new range, while setting the template for the # 1 brand’s future design direction. Auto Express understands that all future cars of the firm will use the same ‘#’ numbered name, which will place its products chronologically instead of size or sector.

# 1 from the launch is installed with a 66kWh battery, the claimed title up to 440km (273 miles). It is likely that more affordable, smaller battery options will also be available in time.

With a 150kW fast charging capability, a 66kWh car battery can top up in 10-80 percent in less than 30 minutes, while plugging in a 22kW AC charger will recharge 10-80 percent in about three hours.

The battery feeds a single rear-mounted motor, which produces 268bhp and 343Nm of torque – and while Smart has not outlined a time of 0-62mph it has ensured a maximum speed of 112mph. Weighing 1,820 kg, the # 1 should be able to cover the benchmark sprint in less than seven seconds.

With a length of 4.27 meters, the # 1 is by far the biggest smart, highlighting that the brand will expand to a much larger area beyond its city car core. In contrast to the four-seat concept # 1, Production # 1 is a complete five-seater SUV, and it emphasizes practicality as well as style.

It is supported by a 2.75-meter wheelbase, which is relatively long compared to the overall length of the vehicle and should help maximize passenger space inside; Smart claims that although it looks like a MINI Countryman in size # 1, there’s space inside a Mercedes E-Class executive saloon. The # 1 nose has a 15-liter front storage area and a conventional boot that offers load space up to 411 liters.

One area that is very close to concept # 1 is car styling. This new SUV highlights the future design of the Smart, with smooth surfaces, a simple light signature on the front and back, and a smooth roof design that goes down through the car’s C-pillars. The # 1 launch car is mounted on a 19-inch alloy wheel.

According to Gordon Wagner, Mercedes-Benz’s Chief Design Officer, Smart’s part-parent company, “The new Smart # 1 is a brand resume and demonstrates the DNA of our new design of sensual products.

“It has grown, embodied beauty with cool and smart solutions. It’s new, fresh and fascinating. “

This contemporary look has been a big focus for the smart, and it’s true inside with a minimalist design and feel. The dash is influenced by a central 12.8-inch touchscreen that puts a distinct focus on connectivity as infotainment can be upgraded via over-the-air software updates. It is paired with a 9.2-inch full HD digital dash and a 10-inch head-up display.


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The Level 2 autonomous driving capability comes as part of an Advanced Driver Assistance system package that adapts to Stop and Go Tech, Lane-Keep Assist, Blind Spot, Highway and Traffic Jam Assist, automatic parking and adaptive high beam headlights. There are also seven airbags.

Although Smart has not yet outlined the price for the # 1, the brand highlights that it will be competitive with rival EVs such as Hyundai Kona Electric and Volkswagen ID.3. Volvo will build its own small electric SUV on the same platform, and the Smart will be positioned as a cheaper alternative. When it goes on sale later this year, it starts at around £ 32,000 and indicates # 1 Goes into production # 1 towards the end of the year before delivery starts in 2023.

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