The new Ford GT Hallman Moody’s Heritage Edition celebrates the iconic 1966 Le Mans

1966 24 Hours of Le Mans celebrates for the second time with another additional special edition of the Ford Landmark 1-2-3 Finnish Ford GT Supercar.

It is named after the Ford GT Holman Moody Heritage Edition, the team that entered Shelby American as well as several GT40 MkIIs. The Hallman & Moody’s No. 5 car took third place to complete the podium behind the two Shelby cars, a gold and red livery game replicated by this extra special GT.

The GT also gets some touches that drivers Ronnie Bucknam and Dick Hutcherson didn’t get on their MkII in the 60’s. On the outside, it has 20-inch wheels, front splitter, seals, wing mirrors, rear diffuser and open gloss black details on the louvers next to the rear window.

On the inside, you’ll find No. 5 rounds on more open carbon fiber and door cards on the inner seals and center consoles. Carbon fiber seats are adorned with Alcantara (a material that is applied liberally around the cabin) with gold stitching. Taking the gold theme further, there are various gold-finished trim and pieces of switchgear and gold-colored paddle shifters for the Alcantara-wrapped steering wheel.

Mechanically, it is similar to the standard GT, which means it is powered by a 3.5-liter mid-mounted twin-turbo V6 that produces 651bhp. The engine drives the rear wheels through a seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox and both fit into a carbon fiber structure. The cars are made by Multimetics, a Canadian motorsport specialist.

Ford Hallman did not disclose a price for the Moody’s Heritage Edition – the final Heritage Edition GT – nor did it say how much it would make. Most of the cars in the series were limited to 50 units, but the 2017 ’66 Heritage version, similar to the race-winning No. 2 car, was limited to only 27 cars.

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