The new baby Skoda Eniak to showcase the language of the brand’s future design

Skoda will be introducing a new design language for its vehicles this fall – and it has given a secret peak in how the look and feel of an electric SUV can be applied.

At the Czech brand’s annual press conference, outgoing CEO Thomas Schaefer described the difficult situation in the second half of 2021, as the global semiconductor crisis has hit Skoda’s production. But the firm still reports an improved margin on sales of 6.1 percent and a profit of more than one billion euros – up from 756m euros in 2020.

Schäfer revealed that Skoda aims to further modernize its brand in 2022, and said that a new design will be at the center of the language – labeled ‘Modern Solid’. “You’ll see a‘ wow ’moment for our competitors and our customers,” he said.

The speech was accompanied by a slide showing most of the blurry images of an SUV – but leaving the front of the car in focus, revealing that it has a flash grille like an electric car. Perhaps the corresponding model is an idea designed to preview the language of the new design, but the Czech company has a history of not issuing any show cars that do not closely represent the final production models.

Skoda electric SUV teaser image

The scale of the car in the teaser is difficult to judge, but our exclusive figure illustrates the wheel size and wheelbase-like elements that show a car about 4.5 meters long – Skoda’s current EV, smaller than the Enyaq, but longer than the VW’s choice. ID.3 Hatchback.

Schaefer reiterated during his conference remarks that his team already stands in the line of “three more EVs smaller than the ENIAC” – although at least one of these is considered a much smaller car, based on a cheaper MEB entry platform and is unlikely to appear ahead. 2025 or even 2026.

He said the new language would be introduced – probably based on the car around the teaser image – scheduled for September, and acknowledged to Auto Express that the new system was ready for EVs. “We will bring it with the electric car first,” he said. “It simply came to our notice then. Then we can phase it into other vehicles, but in the second half of the decade, not much is coming to ICE [combustion-engined] Anyway. “

Schäfer also revealed that the next generation of Skoda’s Kodiaq SUV, in 2024, could be in line for a plug-in hybrid powertrain, although he recently ruled out this possibility, as he did last year. “We look at it,” he admits. “The EU approach doesn’t really help, because the plug-in hybrid will not be supported in the future. If there is no market for it, it costs a lot to get it in the car. ”

He added, “Technology is available in groups, and platforms are available. We did a facelift for the Kodiak last year, so we still have time to decide if we should go for it in the next car. ”


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