The new 2024 Alfa Romeo Baby SUV will compete with the Audi Q2

The Alfa Romeo is set to begin rebuilding its range with the new Tonal – and the firm will build it in 2024 with a baby SUV, with the company’s boss promising that even these smallest models will still “drive like the Alpha”.

The Italian brand is preparing to push its Tonal Family SUV to the showroom in the second half of 2022, but management is already focusing on a smaller model that will arrive in about 18 months. The plan for the new car was confirmed in the Polish media late last year, when it was revealed that the Stellantis plant in the country’s Taichi region had been selected to make new models for Fiat, Jeep and Alpha.

These three vehicles are widely recommended as small vehicles using CMP and (all-electric) e-CMP architectures, which will allow the Taichi plant to operate closer to its maximum efficiency.

Speaking to Auto Express, Alfa Romeo CEO Jean-Philippe Imparato has now confirmed that the car that will be in 2024 is a younger sibling of Tonal, designed to give his firm a presence in Europe’s growing small SUV class.

“With Tonale, we’re back in the C-SUV segment, one of the best in Europe,” he told us. “Then we have to complete the offer with something else that is in the best-selling segment in Europe. It will be in 2024. “

Company officials, including design director Alejandro Mesonero-Romans, are expected to sign the final look of the Baby SUV this week. Our exclusive images show how the recent preview position of CMP-based small Jeep can be used to support a sister model from Alpha. With more premium positioning, this car will be a competitor to the Audi Q2 and Stalantis for MINI Countryman.

Imparato says he’s confident that the CMP architecture – which underpins everything from the Peugeot 208 and Vauxhall Corsa to the DS3 crossback – can be adapted well enough to deliver the buoyant driving dynamics expected by Alpha customers. “You’ll see it will be an Alfa Romeo,” he said. “We are spending time designing that car with the same attitude. And the maneuverability of the car, the performance of that car, will be driven by the tuning we do in the tonal. We can have an alpha movability with such products; I have no doubt about that. “

Alfa Romeo Baby SUV Exclusive Image - Back

The Baby Alpha SUV will be the first car in the company’s history to be offered in pure-electric form – although Imparto has suggested that it will be available as a hybrid and an EV. It is not currently a powertrain line-up of any of the Stellantis CMP models, but it will probably reflect the impending adoption of a new 48-volt, electrified light-hybrid automatic transmission. A joint venture between Stellantis and Punch Powertrain, it will soon go into production at a plant in Metz, France, and will be powered by a 1.2-liter Puretech petrol engine that will probably be the only ICE offer. It is less likely to run electric-only for long periods of time, but it can increase the efficiency of vehicles around the city.


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The three-cylinder unit can produce up to 153bhp – and this seems to be the highest potential for the new Alpha, unless engineers can push Stellantis’ 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine, which can expand to more than 220bhp.

However, it is conceivable that certain markets may choose the small SUV as the flag-carrier to push Alpha toward full electrification by 2027, deciding not to offer the car in combustion-engine form. The EV model should have 134bhp as standard, but to give the car more power and four-wheel drive, the Jeep can see Alpha replicating any strategy with a second rear-mounted motor. Expect a battery capacity of about 55kWh.

Imparato also confirmed that Alpha will be the first Stellantis brand to use the group’s Bespoke All-Electric STLA Platform Tech, which will have a distinct electric model in 2025 – and another EV to follow in 2026.

These are likely to be the successors of the Giulia Saloon and Stelvio SUVs, both nameplates and Alpha hopefully bring existing customers into the BEV era. “We love Giulia and Stelvio and we have to work on those two cars,” he said. We will do it. “It supports a previous interview with Auto Express where Imparato said,” Giulia’s shape is great, I don’t want to lose it. The car is absolutely gorgeous, so this car has a future. “

He reiterated that the firm could revisit even its most iconic nameplates and bodystyles in the form of zero-emissions, once the line-up, sales and balance sheets have stabilized after less than a few years of investment. It won’t be good until the second half of this decade, he advises.

“We will never give up dreaming,” he said. “So, yes, we have plans for the spider. [Carlos Tavares] Or agree to verify Alfa Romeo before confirming his profitability which is positive today. We’ve already gone from red to black, but we never want to go back. We will never lose money again; There is no alternative

“I need to feed customers, in the short term, with the Alfa Romeo network offer, which is key to the European market and the key to switching to carbon neutral. For me, it is a question of existence; It’s not a choice. “

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