The new 2023 Kia EV9 has been confirmed for the UK

Following the debut of last year’s LA Motor Show, Kia has confirmed that its idea is that the final production version of the EV9 will arrive in the UK.

Still only in concept form, the road-going model will omit the ‘concept’ tag and will only be called ‘EV9’. The brand has already registered this trademark and will sit on the EV6 crossover in the EV9 Key line-up.

Kia describes the Concept EV9 as “an iconic and bold form, a playful, rugged feature and styling gesture combining logical and emotional qualities”. This is of course a departure from the firm’s EV6. Instead, we see the Soul EV and Kia’s much more straightforward and angular approach, including the SUV with the internal-combustion engine, the Sorrento.

At 4,930 mm long, 2,055 mm wide and 1,790 mm long, the Concept EV9 is larger than the UK firm’s range-topping Sorento SUV and similar to the North American market Telluride. Surprisingly, it will sit on top of the EV6 in Kia’s electric SUV range, offering three-row seating to compete with the likes of the Mercedes EQB and the upcoming Hyundai Ioniq 7.

Just like the Ioniq 7 which will be scheduled in 2023, the EV9 will be built based on the modular E-GMP platform. This means that we can see that EV6’s 77.4kWh battery is being made available for EV9.

The EV6 has a maximum range of 328 miles, so expect a little less on the EV9 due to the extra size and weight when carrying this pack. Of course, the Kia can enlarge the battery for this larger, heavier and less aerodynamic model, and the larger wheelbase offers the opportunity to do so in the future.

Like the EV6, the EV9 should also offer single and dual-motor options, while its 800V electrical architecture will allow super fast charging speeds of up to 350kW.

When it comes to design, the brand says that the “Concept EV9 Key demonstrates the potential of design” and must have a lot of unique features.

Emptying the front grille – an EV feature to reduce the need for cooling – added Kia’s ‘Digital Tiger Face’, the Concept EV9 has a distinctive LED light signature with plenty of chrome trim.

The Kier has a squared-off bonnet featuring the new logo, with angular wheel arches and two-tone extensions sitting on top of a set of 22-inch wheels with a ‘triangle arrow design’. At the back, the shape of the distinctive LED light continues, while a smooth tailgate sits on top of a rugged two-tone bumper.

The concept EV9 has a profile box, a straight roof and a straight front edge. Despite the boxy look of the car there is a real focus on aerodynamics and efficiency. The air vent design minimizes the front of the SUV, while the bonnet ‘vent’ at the bottom of the screen is actually a solar panel to recharge the battery.

The roof rails retract to the bodywork when not in use and may rise at the touch of a button. Wing-mounted cameras replace conventional wing mirrors to help improve aerodynamic efficiency.

Inside, Kia describes the interior space as a “transformer”, focusing on creating a space that positively enhances passengers’ mood and well-being. The front of the cabin is dominated by a 27-inch widescreen display that combines driver information and infotainment, showing a ‘float’ above the dashboard. The physical buttons are limited, though the wide ambient light feature and a simple pop-up “steering pad” replace the steering wheel.

The cabin actually changes its layout depending on which setting is chosen. ‘Active Mode’ has a traditional driver-centric set-up, while ‘Pause Mode’ rotates the front and third-row seats, mimicking a “first-class lounge” by turning the second row into a table. ‘Enjoy Mode’ sees three rows of seats facing the Telgate, which opens to give occupants a “chance to connect with the outside environment”.

Kia claims that wellness is further enhanced by the soothing color and a panoramic glass roof, while the ecological focus is on floors made from recycled fishnet, recycled bottles and seat fabrics from will fiber and vegetarian leather.

The concept EV9 is a key part of the plan to become a “sustainable mobility solution provider”. It aims to achieve carbon neutrality across the firm’s price chain by 2045 – through logistics, vehicle manufacturing, vehicle use and disposal.

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