The new 2022 BMW M2 is going through the Nurburgring test

The brand new BMW M2 cover is broken in Germany’s famous Nবারrburging circuit. As our spy pictures show, a camouflaged version of the nearby production-ready high performance flagship is being tested on a terrifying 12.9-mile long circuit

Due to the hit showroom this year, just in time for the 50th anniversary of BMW’s M division, the new M2 is based on the recently launched 2 Series coupe. Yet as our images show, the M2 gets an aggressive new look. Look past the camouflage of this prototype and it seems that the design of the new M2 has been almost-finalized.

On the front, there is a new bumper with a lower splitter and more vents, while the rear end gets a huge diffuser complete with BMW M’s trademark quad-exit exhaust tips. The side skirts are also shorter and the bootlide has a new DuckTail spoiler A wider position is set with wheels larger than the M240i, while it will probably have wider wheel arches than its predecessor, the new M2.

The outgoing BMW M2 remains one of the most exciting compact sports cars, while the latest CS version has taken the manual, rear-wheel drive, straight-six formula to another level – although the extra cost is hard to swallow. However, the good news for BMW M purists is that the new one can retain all the original features of the old car, but will deliver even more performance.

The previous generation M2 was a key model for BMW’s M division. In 2018, the brand labeled the car as its “most powerful growth driver”, so the success of this new model is vital, although the firm’s portfolio has expanded to include more popular performance vehicles, such as SUVs and even electric cars.

BMW’s latest M2 prototype does not wear the heavy body cladding of our earlier test vehicles, which shows us in detail the cosmetics that have changed the company’s performance arm in the design of our flagship model.

On the front, there’s a new bumper with a lower splitter and more vents, while the rear end gets a huge diffuser complete with BMW M’s trademark quad-exit ext tips. The side skirts are also shorter and the bootlide has a new DuckTail spoiler

New 2022 BMW M2: Platform and Powertrain

BMW’s next M2 will take advantage of the new platform found under the new 2 Series coupe, which was derived from the 3 Series. However, the standard 2 series will have significant changes to the powertrain and chassis.

Power should come from BMW M’s latest turbocharged 3.0-liter Straight-Six petrol engine, similar to the X3 M and X4 M performance SUVs. Codenamed S58, the unit produces 503bhp in BMW’s flagship competition trim but, so the M2 does not keep its toes on the toes of its larger (and more expensive) siblings, we hope BMW will limit the coupe’s output.

Like the rest of BMW’s M line-up, the M2 will offer two power outputs – a standard variant at the entry-level and will serve as a flagship alternative to more powerful competition. The M2 base model will have at least 400bhp of power, which will provide ample breathing space between the M2 and the new M240i xDrive, producing 369bhp.

That 400bhp output will give the M2 enough grants to compete with the current crop of Audi and Mercedes’ HyperHatch. The new Audi RS 3 has a 395bhp turbocharged 2.5-liter five-pot petrol engine, while the Mercedes-AMG A 45 S offers 415bhp.

However, unlike those cars (and actually the M240i), BMW is expected to keep only the M2 rear-wheel-drive without adopting the new M3 and M4 reverse bi-directional four-wheel-drive systems. Pureists will also be pleased to hear that a six-speed manual gearbox will be available alongside the typical eight-speed pedal-shift automatic.

The M2 Competition will still have a bit more power, probably moving towards the 430bhp mark if the BMW mirrors the gap between the standard and Competitive versions of the M3 and M4. The brand could even make a replacement for the track-focused 444bhp M2 CS, which was by far the most powerful road-going M2.

To control the extra power, BMW will make a few changes to the platform. Firm engineers will widen the coupe track, add some extra braces to reduce the chassis flex, and fit an M Sport rear differential as bolts and standard on some larger brakes.

The suspension will also be upgraded – and the brand’s engineers have two options to choose from. Choices include the firm’s stroke-dependent mechanical damper, which matches the M2’s rigid and wide chassis, or the M Sport-adapted electromechanical damper.

New 2022 BMW M2: Interior design

In addition to achieving a new exterior design compared to the M240i, the BMW will change the interior design of the M2 to keep the car away from its more mainstream siblings.

Our spy photographers have also looked inside the new M2, revealing that the BMW coupe will be equipped with its latest curved display iDrive set-up. That means digital instruments and infotainment screens are connected together in a non-stop display.

The rest of the cabins will get a touch of BMW’s classic M division, such as support bucket seats and a new sports steering wheel with two bright red M mode buttons, allowing the driver to quickly switch between two individually configured car setups.

New 2022 BMW M2: Price and Competitive

BMW is not expected to launch the new M2 by the end of 2022 and the car may not reach the UK showroom until early 2023, so price details have not been confirmed yet.

Nevertheless, the price of the M2 competition (which is the only model we can find here in the UK) is expected to start at around £ 60,000. That means the coupe will be able to compete with sports coupes like the Porsche Cayman with the new Audi RS3 HyperHatch.

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