The model has been redesigned to stick with ICE power

Porsche is testing a redesigned Panamera prototype, the latest featuring an internal-combustion engine.

The current Panama, the second generation of nameplates, has arrived for the 2017 model year and has been given an update for 2021. Considering that the original Panamanians have been stuck for almost seven years, we should see this third-generation model come out for the 2024 model year

The redesigned Panamara will stick to the MSB platform that debuted in the second generation Panamara and underpin Bentley’s Continental and Flying Spar models, but it will probably boast an updated range of powertrains. Although more power is given, updates to the powertrains are expected to focus on a combination of lower emissions across the board as well as increased range and less charging time for plug-in hybrid powertrains.

The styling will change, though it will be subtle, as is usually the case with Porsches. In particular, the headlights clearly feature a square shape, a change that will soon be featured in an updated coin. A new interior design is also planned.

Do not look for an electric panamer. That role is currently filled by Taycan, who is only a few inches smaller than Panamera. Eventually though most porches will be electric. The automaker estimates that by 2030 80% of its sales will be EVs, with the rest coming from 911 – the last holdout of Porsche for the internal-combustion engine.

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