The Hero Splendor Electric Conversion Kit offers a range of 150+ kilometers

Hero Splendor Electric Conversion Kit 2

The customized Hero Splendor Electric Conversion Kit from GoGoA1 is in high demand and is priced at just Rs. Only 35,000

Whether you like it or not, the future of transportation and travel is electric and we have already seen its signs. The Indian automotive industry is known for its bulk volume sales and the conversion to EVs in two-wheeler space will be relatively faster than four-wheelers. As a result, many start-ups have emerged in recent times and some have been successful.

In the calendar year 2021, about 150,000 million electric two-wheelers were registered. Another way to reduce pollution is to convert existing automobiles into battery-powered vehicles that are not as easy to hear. We’ve seen a lot of activity in this particular area because EV conversion kits are appearing thicker and faster, but more transparency is needed in regulation.

In high-profile cities with strict emissions regulations, driving older vehicles can be problematic and can be fixed by converting them to electric vehicles in a cost-effective manner. But proper guidance is needed to make them more popular across the country. GoGoA1 is complying with the NGT (National Green Tribunal) and is developing a conversion kit for the Hero Splendor among other vehicles.

Hero Splendor Electric Conversion Kit 3

The Maharashtra based company takes money 35,000 EV conversion kit and claimed riding range 151km on a single charge. The company offers an RTO-approved electric conversion kit for motorcycles, and demand has reportedly grown by 60 percent recently, and is looking to expand its business by capitalizing on its popularity.

GoGoA1 is working to convert petrol-powered two-, three- and four-wheeled vehicles into battery-powered vehicles. It seems to have an extensive network to back up items with more than 50 registered franchisees in many parts of the country, including Maharashtra, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, West Bengal and Delhi.

Hero Splendor Electric Conversion Kit GoGoA1

Franchise owners get options such as hands-on, vehicle leasing and battery switching to install conversion kits. EV conversion kits will definitely help in extending the life of the car and they can come in handy for the average user.

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