The Genesis X Spidium Coupe concept previews the brand’s EV future

Genesis a coupe plan? The Korean luxury brand doesn’t say that, but it has just unveiled a stunning coupe concept, and its last three concepts were two-door designs.

The latest concept is the Genesis X Spidium Coupe, and it was unveiled on Wednesday at the new Genesis Brand Center, known as Genesis House New York, in the meatpacking district of Manhattan.

The design is an evolution of the muscular position of the 2021 Genesis X concept, combined with a fastback profile seen in the 2019 Mint and 2018 Essence concepts. None of the previous coupe ideas turned it into production, and we don’t see that happening for the X Speedium Coupe either.

Genesis X Spidium coupe concept

Genesis X Spidium coupe concept

Genesis said the handsome coupe is not the type of concept that precedes a production lineup plan. Instead, the idea carries the language of Genesis’ athletic elegance design into the future, when Genesis will sell exclusively electric vehicles, the automaker said.

“This car is an open door moment in Genesis ‘journey toward our future EV design,” said Luke Donkerlock, Genesis’ chief creative officer. “It’s about looking at our design processes as we explore ideas for the next wave of EVs, which incorporates the DNA of Genesis.”

A new design element of the concept is the split headlights whose lightbars are now attached and create the shape of a grill in the style of Genesis’ crest grille. The concept sports a flat, elliptical rear motif but a new V-shaped center brake light.

Genesis X Spidium coupe concept

Genesis X Spidium coupe concept

The concept’s name comes from the Speedium racetrack in Korea’s Inje, indicating that in the age of electrification and self-driving power, the pleasure of driving will still be a key feature of the Genesis vehicle. And the color, known as Inje green, was inspired by the mountains near the racetrack.

With the release of the X Speedium Coupe concept, Genesis has reaffirmed its plans to become a full-EV brand with a six-model lineup by 2030. One of the six is ​​expected to be an SUV larger than the GV80.

Genesis also announced plans to begin production in the United States, the first locally built model being the electric version of the GV70. Production will begin in December at the Hyundai Motor Group’s plant in Montgomery, Alabama.

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