The Covid makes a stronger connection with our car

Freedom and freedom driving are forcing us to love our cars more than ever since the Covid-19 epidemic – even though we drive them less.

When we ask drivers how they changed their driving habits in the two years since the first lockdown.

One in three people in the Auto Express survey said they praised their car before the epidemic hit, with the key factors of freedom and independence being the victory with hands on convenience and practicality.

Status, often seen as an important part of car ownership, is rated as the least important aspect.

“Our British have a lasting emotional connection to our car,” said Steve Fowler, Auto Express Editor-in-Chief. “Irresistible 84 percent of people enjoy driving and value the feeling of freedom and independence when they are behind the wheel.

“The results of our survey will be music to their ears in the motor industry.”

The Auto Express survey found that 76 percent of those surveyed said they were traveling less by car and driving less for work.

Leisure miles were also shorter – but 34 percent said they appreciated their cars more before the epidemic, trips may be shorter but certainly much sweeter.

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