The Bugatti has entered Chiran Super Sport production, the first car features the Vegas D

Delivery of the Bugatti Chiran Super Sport has begun, and one of the first consumer vehicles to wear extensive paintwork from the automaker’s Sur Mesu personalization section.

The paintings by The Vegas de Lumiিয়re are hand-painted, with a pattern that mimics the reflection of light on the Super Sport’s body panel, Bugatti said in a press release.

Unveiled in June 2021, the Chiron Super Sport has grown from the Chiron Super Sport 300+, breaking the 300-mph speed barrier on the 2019 Volkswagen Group’s Ehra-Lessien test track. Production of 30 consumer vehicles did not begin until late 2021, however, with the first two landings in the United States.

Bugatti Chiran Super Sport Waves of Light Paintwork

Bugatti Chiran Super Sport Waves of Light Paintwork

The Super Sport is basically a Super Sport 300+ with added luxury and a more forgiving chassis. While it may not be magical at 300 miles per hour, the Super Sport still achieves a claimed 273-mile-per-hour maximum speed, thanks to more smooth bodywork, including a long-tail section that adds about 10 inches to the car’s length.

Bugatti cites a 3.0-second time of 0-60 mph, a 5.8-second time of 0-124 mph and a 12.1-second time of 0-186 mph. The Bugatti further claims that the Super Sport will hit at 7% faster speeds per 248 miles than the other Chirans.

Power is provided by the same 8.0-liter quad-turbocharged W-16 used in other versions of the Chiron, but in the Super Sport it is tuned for 1,578 horsepower, up from the standard 1,480-hp rating.

Bugatti Chiran Super Sport Waves of Light Paintwork

Bugatti Chiran Super Sport Waves of Light Paintwork

Prices for the Super Sport start at $ 3.9 million but, like all other Chiron models, the entire product is sold out. But Bugatti has a waiting list.

Bugatti confirmed in January that the last of its 500 Chiron Build slots had been sold. Super Sport production is expected to continue for some time. Chiron-based Centodicio is ready to enter production, and will follow BOLID in 2024. Bugatti will then shift the focus to new models under the Bugatti remake joint venture, possibly starting with a hybrid.

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