The 724bhp Mercedes-AMG GT track series has emerged as the most powerful of the asphaltbach

Already pushing the envelope farther with the Black series, Mercedes-AMG has created a more extreme and non-road-legal version of the GT.

Dubbed the Mercedes-AMG GT Track Series, it uses a fetalized version of the Black Series Flat-Plane 4.0-liter Twin-Turbo V8. Thanks to the motorsport-spec fuel injector and other unspecified modifications, it produces from 710bhp to 724bhp. The Black Series seven-speed dual-clutch transmission is also gone, replaced with a Howland six-speed sequential racing gearbox. It is located in a ‘transaxel’ position on the back of an engine driven vehicle through a carbon fiber torque tube.

On the suspension front, the track series features bilstein dampers that are adjustable for ride height and low and high-speed rebound and compression levels. Anti-roll bars can also be tweaked.

A set of 18-inch imitation wheels is shot on both sides of the car with chic tires measuring 325 mm width. Under it, you’ll find motorsport-friendly large steel brakes. The front has a 390mm disc squeezing six-piston caliper, and the rear is fitted with an AMG 355mm rotor and a four-pot caliper.

Given the track series chassis to complement the high-level mechanical grip, the car also gets a high-end arrow kit to maximize downforce. The most obvious feature of the adjustable high-level rear wing is based on the parts fitted in the Black series. The other end of the car has a basepack and adjustable splitter.

Being a dedicated track car, the track series is able to take away most of the comfort of the road car animal for its snatch-back cabin, even if you still get air conditioning. To keep passengers safe in the worst case, the vehicle’s spaceframe structure has a roll cage, along with a five-point harness for bucket seats and a fire extinguisher.

The steering wheel is a bespoke design developed in collaboration with SIM racing company Cube Control and behind it is a Bosch driver display unit replacing the road car’s gauge cluster. Elsewhere in the cabin there are dials for 12-level ABS and traction control systems.

Thanks to its parade-back nature and the use of carbon fiber for its many body panels, the track series points to very reasonable 1400 kg scales. Although it weighs more than 100kg from an AMG GT3.

The track series is priced at € 369,000 (approximately £ 307,000) plus local VAT. Included in this figure is the technical support of HWA AG, best known for making the CLK GTR racer in the late nineties. Only 55 will be made in 2022 to celebrate AMG’s 55th anniversary.

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