The 2,200-hp Deus Vayanne Electric Hypercar debuted at the 2022 New York Auto Show

An Austrian startup called Deus has unveiled an electric hypercar with some amazing performance numbers at the 2022 New York International Auto Show.

The hypercar is called Davis Vian, and is involved in the development of the industry’s Stallworth Italdesign and Williams Advanced Engineering.

The van shown in New York is just a joke. There is still a lot of development to be done as Deus only plans to start delivery in 2025, so keep these checkbooks aside for now. Production will be limited to 99 units.

God bless you

God bless you

Performance targets include more than 2,200 hp of output and 1,475 pound-feet of torque, which will make the Vion the world’s most powerful production vehicle by a significant margin. The next closest remake is the Nevera 1,914 hp. Deus said future owners could look forward to 0-62 mph acceleration and speeds of more than 248 mph in 2.0 seconds.

The exterior design is seldom groundbreaking, though an interesting element is the use of infinite symbols to frame front dishes and rear vents. Similarly, the interior design is also somewhat conventional, although there is an infinite inspiration here as well. The Infinity Mirror is used for accents on dash and door panels, creating an appearance that varies with the viewing angle.

Most of the technology behind Deus is provided by Williams Advanced Engineering. Former technology arm of the British company Williams Formula One. It was acquired in January by the Australian mining company Fortescu Metals Group, which will use the engineering company’s expertise to develop eco-friendly freight trains, mining trucks and industrial heavy mobile equipment.

God bless you

God bless you

Italdesign has supported Deus in building this initial concept, and will continue to work with the company towards production. Italdesign is owned by Volkswagen Group but operates as an independent design firm, as it was managed under the direction of founder Giorgetto Giugiaro, who today runs the rival design studio GFG Style. Italdesign, for example, recently worked with Nissan on a 50th anniversary project for the GT-R. Italdesign is also working with modern DeLorean on its new DMC-12.

Recently, Italdesign has teamed up with Williams Advanced Engineering to develop a modular EV platform. The EVX platform can deliver up to 1,341 hp.

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