The 2023 Toyota BZ4X electric crossover comes with a range of up to 252 miles, 43,215

Toyota unveiled the first member of its new BZ (Beyond Zero) sub-brand for electric vehicles last fall, and on Tuesday we received specific information for the US market, including all important pricing information.

The first member is a small crossover called the BZ4X. It is like the best-selling RAV4 in size and is scheduled in showrooms this summer as the 2023 model. Prices start at $ 43,215 with a চার 1,215 destination charge.

There is also a Subaru twin called Solters. It is also coming for the 2023 model year, although its price has not been announced yet.

Both vehicles ride on a new advanced platform called e-TNGA. This is the first dedicated-EV platform for Toyota, and you can expect to see it in multiple models from Toyota (and Lexus) in the coming years. Toyota says it plans to add 15 zero-emission vehicles to its lineup by 2025, seven of which will be of the BZ sub-brand.

The BZ4X has a single battery with a capacity of 71.4 kWh and customers can choose from a front-wheel-drive configuration with 201 hp or an all-wheel-drive setup with 214 hp. A top speed is not mentioned, but 0-60 miles acceleration takes 7.1 seconds with FWD and 6.5 seconds with AWD.

Both configurations can be with a standard XLE grade or even better equipped limited grade. The front-wheel-drive XLE on the Toyota EPA bike estimates a range of about 252 miles and the all-wheel-drive XLE 228 miles. Upgrade to limited grade and you see similar statistics for 242 and 222 miles. It is possible to charge up to 150 kW, which will enable 80% charge in 30 minutes. A roof-mounted solar panel is also available in some markets.

2023 Toyota bZ4X at EVgo charging station

2023 Toyota bZ4X at EVgo charging station

Toyota says it has focused on providing reliable performance throughout the life of the car. The range of the BZ4X, for example, should be consistent even in cold winters, and the battery should retain about 90% of its capacity after 10 years (based on 15,000 miles per year usage rate).

The interior is a modern space with a large central screen for minimal styling and infotainment. Acting as a small screen instrument gauge, Toyota removes the traditional gauge hood to give the cabin an open and airy feel as well as a clear view. Other features of the cabin include a USB port (A and C) and a panoramic roof.

While most markets will have a traditional steering wheel, the Chinese market will have a yoke-style steering wheel. Thanks to steer-by-wire technology, where the traditional mechanical connection between the steering wheel and the tire is replaced by an electrical system, the lock-to-lock with the yoke wheel is set to about 150 degrees, which means only one hand is needed to tighten. Turn. Toyota says the feature will be added to more models in the future, including those sold outside of China.

2023 Toyota BZ4X

2023 Toyota BZ4X

Other useful features of the BZ4X include cloud-based navigation that can provide information on things like traffic and charging stations and the availability of nearby real-time parking spaces. An over-the-air update with a digital key is also available. The digital key allows an owner to use a smartphone to unlock and turn on the car, and this access can be transferred remotely between the smartphones, for example to family or friends.

Production of BZ4X is conducted at plants in China and Japan.

The full price information for the 2023 BZ4X is as follows:

2023 Toyota BZ4X XLE FWD – 43,215
2023 Toyota BZ4X XLE AWD – 47,915
2023 Toyota BZ4X Limited FWD – 45,295
2023 Toyota BZ4X Limited FWD – $ 49,995

All figures include a $ 1,215 destination charge.

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