Tesla has announced robotaxis while confirming cybertracks for 2023

Late Wednesday, Tesla hosted an event called Cyber ​​Rodeo to mark the official opening of its plant near Austin, Texas. After the cowboy hat, CEO Elon Musk came on stage and made some new claims about Tesla’s future plans.

Musk said the delayed Tesla Cybertrack, Roadstar and Semi would all start production in 2023. Tesla Design boss Franz von Holzhausen drove a prototype cybertruck on stage but, unlike the original 2019 unveiling of the pickup truck, this time there were no broken windows.

Musk said during a January earnings call that Tesla would not launch any new vehicles in 2022, but at the time he did not confirm the 2023 launch time for Cybertruck.

2020 Tesla Roadster

2020 Tesla Roadster

The cybertruck was originally promised to arrive by the end of 2021 with a starting price of $ 39,900. In December 2021, Musk announced a four-motor variant that was not part of the 2019 truck release. Tesla has removed the CyberTrack page from its website, so it’s not clear what the final lineup will look like.

The second generation roadstar was unveiled in 2017 which claimed 0-60 miles per hour time 1.9 seconds. Production was originally scheduled for 2020, and Tesla has been receiving reservations for the $ 200,000 Standard Edition and $ 250,000 Founder Series since its release. The Automaker has demanded the full price of the Founders Series front and $ 50,000 to reserve a standard Roadstar. Musk said in 2021 that production would probably be delayed until 2023.

Also announced in 2017, the Tesla semi-tractor truck was originally scheduled to start production in 2019. Several commercial fleet operators have expressed interest in conducting the semi-test, including Wal-Mart, Anheuser-Busch, Pepsi, UPS and DHL. Both Semi and CyberTrack will be manufactured in a Texas factory.

Tesla cm

Tesla cm

At the opening ceremony, Musk further said that the factory would create a future-looking “robotaxi”. Musk has been promising self-driving Teslas since 2016, when he said the company’s driver-friendly technology would eventually be built in a place where owners could rent their cars as robotics. Tesla currently offers its fully self-driving driver-assistance package, but does not make self-driving cars.

Also, Musk said that the previously announced humanoid robot by Tesla may be ready for production next year. The company has not yet shown any prototypes; The original 2021 presentation used an actor in a suit.

While all of these things are mere promises, Tesla also showed off the first Model Y crossovers built at a Texas factory during the event. Musk said the plant would be able to produce 500,000 vehicles a year if production increased completely. In March, Tesla opened a similar-sized plant near Berlin, Germany, and a recent report stated that Tesla wanted to build a second plant in China to double its Chinese capacity to nearly one million vehicles.

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