Tata Curvv will launch 2 ICE based EVs before; Ultroz ​​EV and Punch EV?

Tata-Punch-EV-Rendered 1
Rendering Source: SRK Design

Tata Motors will launch two new electric cars in 2024 before the arrival of the Curvv concept based midsize electric SUV coupe

Tata Motors hosted the global premiere of the Curvv concept a few days ago after a well-received teaser campaign and it will build an electric medium-sized SUV coupe in the next two years. Also, the domestic manufacturer has confirmed that petrol and diesel engines will be launched following the electric SUV coupe.

Tata will not stop before that though two more EVs are coming. They will be built on the same Gen 2 platform based on the Curvv concept. It remains to be seen whether the production medium-sized electric SUV coupe will carry the same Curvv name, but will be preceded by two new IC-engine-based zero-emission vehicles.

In an interview, Shailesh Chandra, Managing Director, Tata Motors Passenger Vehicles, Says: “Before Curvv, the Generation 2 platform will have more products that already exist as an ICE model. Being General 2, they will go through an architectural change to adapt it to more separate components for electrification and EV. “

altroz ​​ev auto expo-2

Currently, Tata sells the country’s best-selling passenger electric car, the Nexon EV, and the Tigor EV based on slightly modified versions of their respective platforms to accommodate battery packs and other interior items. However, the Gen 2 will have comparatively better packaging and thus more interior space and more radical-looking cars can be expected.

We expect the Curvv to be preceded by two upcoming electric cars, the Altroz ​​EV and the Punch EV. Both are based on modular ALFA (Agile Light Flexible Advanced) architecture and are optimized for electrification from Indica as opposed to Nexon and Tigor’s modified X1 platform. The Altroz ​​EV was showcased in near-production form at the 2020 Auto Expo.

Punch has been available in the domestic market since the end of last year and has been quite popular among the buyers. The electric versions of the premium hatch and micro SUV could sit below the Nexon EV and thus provide more EV options for customers and more importantly help them further strengthen Tata’s electric portfolio under TPEML.

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