SUV with maximum waiting time [April 2022]

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Here, we have listed the top ten SUVs that have the highest waiting period in the Indian market this month, i.e. April 2022.

Despite the market downturn, the demand for new cars in the Indian market is quite strong these days. However, problems such as the shortage of global semiconductor chips have made it difficult for automakers to keep up with market demand. For that reason, many popular cars now have a long wait period. Below, we list SUVs with maximum waiting times this month (April 2022)

Of all the cars currently available in the Indian market, the Mahindra XUV700 has the longest waiting time. To buy one, buyers have to wait four months to twenty-one months, depending on the variant chosen! The Mahindra Thar also has a ridiculously high waiting time, which lasts up to eleven months for the selected variant.

The Kia Sonnet has an official waiting period of four to seven months, of course, depending on the option chosen. For Hyundai Creta, you have to wait up to five months for delivery for diesel variant and up to seven months for petrol variant.

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The petrol and diesel variants of the Tata Nexon have a waiting period of up to five months, whereas in the EV version it goes up to four months. However, there is a waiting period of up to seven months for the Dark version of Nexon and Nexon EV. In the case of Kia Celtos, the wait until delivery is up to five months.

The waiting time for the Tata Punch is up to nine months for the base variant, while for all the other variants, the waiting time is up to four months. For Nissan Magnet, new buyers have to wait up to four months to take delivery.

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Model The wait is over
Mahindra XUV700 Up to 21 months
Mahindra Thar Up to 11 months
Kia Sonnet Up to 7 months
Hyundai Crate Up to 7 months
Tata Nexon Up to 5 months for ICE, up to 4 months for EV (up to 7 months for Dark variant)
Kia Celtos Up to 5 months
Tata Punch Up to 4 months (up to 9 months for base variant)
Nissan Magnet Up to 4 months
Toyota Fortuner Up to 4 months
MG Aster Up to 4 months

Toyota wants to wait up to four months for the selected variant of the Fortune. The same is true of the MG Astor – it has a wait time of up to four months depending on which variant the buyer chooses.

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