Sedan with maximum waiting period [April 2022]- Tiger, Slavic and many more

Skoda Slavia-4

Many cars in India now have extremely long lifespans, and here we list the top five sedans with the longest wait times

Despite all the ups and downs in our car market over the last few years, the demand for new cars in India is quite strong. Automakers are working hard to meet demand, but are exploiting production constraints (such as the lack of semiconductor chips), which has led to increased waiting times for many vehicles. Here, we have listed the top five sedans in India with maximum wait till delivery.

Tata Motors’ only sedan offer in the Indian market – Tigor – is available with multiple powertrain options The official waiting period for the petrol version is about two to three months, while for the CNG variant, the same range is three to four months (excluding the XE i-CNG variant, which has a waiting period of up to ten months).

The waiting period for the electronic version of the Tigor – Tigor EV is up to two months, which is comparatively much less! The Skoda Slavia, which was recently launched in India, currently has a waiting time of up to four months, depending on the variant selected.Tata Tiger Highway WallpaperThe Maruti Dzire is one of the most popular cars in the Indian market, and due to the high demand, its waiting period is quite long these days. For the petrol version, new buyers will have to wait up to three months, whereas for the S-CNG version, the wait will be extended to six months.

Hyundai Aura wants to wait up to three months for the petrol and diesel versions. The wait time for the CNG version is significantly longer, up to five months. For Aura’s older sibling, the Hyundai Vernar, it’s currently waiting two months.

2020 Hyundai Verna 2

Model The wait is over
Tata Tiger Up to 4 months for ICE, up to 2 months for EV (up to 10 months for XE i-CNG variant)
ডkoda Slavia Up to 4 months
Maruti Desire Up to 3 months (up to 6 months)
Hyundai Aura Up to 3 months (up to 5 months)
Hyundai Verna Up to 2 months

In the Indian car market, sedan market share has shrunk in recent years, largely due to the growing popularity of SUVs. Buyers are flocking to compact and medium-sized SUVs, however, car manufacturers like Skoda, Volkswagen, Honda, etc. believe that sedans can still bring a lot of sales if there are exciting products in this area.

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