Protesters block the UK’s energy terminal

Members of a group called Just Stop Oil have blocked 10 oil terminals in the UK this morning in the wake of the extinction uprising.

In a statement released today, the extremist group claimed that hundreds of supporters had blocked the terminal in the vicinity of London, Birmingham and Southampton. They are demanding that the UK government stop new oil and gas projects in the UK.

According to the group, some members of the protest climbed on top of them and targeted the tankers, while others sat on the road to prevent the tankers from leaving. ExxonMobil, one of the loss-making companies, said it had been forced to suspend operations on some sites.

The Just Stop Oil says it wants to “stand by us all who are angry at the prospect of climate change and suffering from a life crisis. Ordinary people can no longer buy oil and gas, now is the time to shut down oil. It is financing war and killing people in the South , Where the future of young people everywhere is being destroyed. “

According to media reports, at least six people have been arrested in Thurak, Essex, advising police drivers to avoid the area. Humble facilities near Southampton and Kingsbury in Warwickshire have been targeted.

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