Peugeot 208 and 2008 gained minimum gear selectors

The peugeot 208 and the weirdly shaped automatic gear selector are no more. The French manufacturer has announced that both models will receive a more minimalist-designed drive select switch similar to the one already seen in the new 308 Family hatchback.

In order to free up space, the new controls for 208 and 2008 have been completed with a piano black surround in satin chrome and a “carbon look” finish for wrist rest. The toggle switch selects the reverse, neutral and drive, while the adjacent buttons operate the parking brake, and – in models powered by the internal combustion engine – a manual mode controlled by the steering wheel-mounted pedals.

In fully electric E-208 and E-2008 models, manual mode is switched to a ‘B’ button. This enables regenerative braking mode, which is turned on for the next restart unless the button is pressed again.

2022 Peugeot interior

The basic design of this switch is already making its way through Stalantis-owned brands, with several electric vans and the new Vauxhall Astra using it. More likely to follow.

For Peugeot’s passenger cars, we can expect more models to replace the old selector – known internally as the ‘Cobra’ – long ago. The company’s cockpits will retain their ‘i-cockpit’ layout, which involves using a small steering wheel with an instrument cluster placed on top.

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