Major update for performance SUV

Porsche is testing a prototype for an updated version of its Cayenne mid-size SUV.

The popular performance SUV is set to take on a new look judging by the changes seen in the radical-at-least Porsche-for-prototypes.

The front end has been completely modified and has new headlights with a more angular shape similar to the design used in Tekken. The daytime running lights have also adopted a new design combined with the front fascia.

The taillights have been completely hidden, a new concept has been suggested here. We can also see that the tailgate has been modified, as the recess of the license plate has been moved to the rear fascia. This design has already been used in the related coin coupe, which in itself is going through a similar update.

There is not a look inside but we can imagine that the dash is being updated to fully integrate the digital dash that we see in Taycan.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Usually the automaker dials horsepower in most grades with its update. The lineup is currently topped with the Turbo SE-Hybrid grade, which has a rough 670 hp rating.

Although the Cayenne Coupe has a new Turbo GT grade that packs a twin-turbo V-8 that automatically delivers 631 hp, it’s not clear if this grade will turn it into a regular Cayenne line.

Look for the updated Cain to hit the market later this year as the 2023 model

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