‘Land Rover’s reliability is the elephant in the house’

There is no doubt that the new Range Rover is an incredible part of design and engineering. I was amazed at how well it ran and was really surprised at how much I enjoyed throwing it around some serious twisted road. You forget how big and heavy it is – until you slide out of the super-comfortable driver’s seat and your feet finally fall to the ground!

The board also has an incredible amount of technology, and some real high-end luxury features – the quality seems great. However, there is a question hanging over the Range Rover (and other JLR products) that need to be banished for good with this car. Honestly, whenever I recommend Land Rover to people in the past, it was with a caution: it could be wrong.

Reliability isn’t the brand’s strongest suite – and it’s not just us. Our own driver power survey data proves that owners are disappointed. And the mud stick – as social media proves when I uploaded a video of a cute motorized club table getting into a top-spec Range Rover SV position. Responses include: “Another feature to make a mistake”, “Give it 12 months and this is the only electrical component that will work”, and “Shake after 18 months and then fail after the warranty expires”. We are aware of the problems of JLR and its reputation, and we are sure that no effort will be spared to solve them.

Two things will help the new Range Rover: Millions of pounds have been spent on the Solihull plant to build the new car; We have been told that it is like a new factory and we know that new factories make better quality cars, as we have seen in Slovakia with a new facility defender. Then there is the new electrical architecture with software-over-the-air compatibility, which can solve problems before customers know they have problems.

This Range Rover deserves to be successful, but that success must come with reliability. Let’s hope it happens this time.

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