Hyundai Creta & i20 has been awarded 3 stars in the Global NCAP Crash Test.

Hyundai Creta Global NCAP 1

Hyundai Creta GNCAP Introduces Adult Occupant Protection and Child Occupant Protection Tests in the Last Round of Crash Test

In the last round of the Global NCAP crash test, Hyundai’s Creta midsize SUV was tested and after a rigorous program, it was awarded three stars. The prototype used was from the entry-level E variant, which does not have the same safety features as side and curtain airbags. Creta was given three stars in the adult occupant protection test for her body shell volatile rating.

It was also assessed as not being able to withstand further loads. Of the 17, the five-seater SUV is currently just 8 points ahead of the mid-size SUV sales chart. Chest protection for the driver was found to be marginal, head protection for the driver was adequate and the same was said to be good for passengers.

Neck protection for drivers and passengers has also been found to be good. Knee protection was given a marginal rating because they could collide with dangerous structures behind the dashboard panel. In a fashion similar to that of adult occupant protection, child occupant safety tests have given three stars to the most popular SUV.

Creta scored 28.29 points out of 49. The seatbelt did not prevent the three-year-old Dummy’s head from advancing too much when chest protection was assessed as weak. Since the Base E Trim does not offer ISOFIX child seat anchorage, the seats had to be secured with seatbelts. The 1.5-year-old dummy had better protection on the back.

Hyundai Creta’s GNCAP test results are similar to those of the Kia Seltos, with which it shares the platform. The Creta has dual front airbags, standard ABS with EBD and top-spec trims available with ESC, VSM, rear disc brakes and more. The independent agency noted that the Creta lost the 3-point seatbelt and the ISOFIX child seat. Mounted as standard.

Like Crater, Hyundai i20 and GNCAP have scored three stars in crash tests. It is noteworthy that the central government has recently issued a draft notification to make six airbags mandatory for all new vehicles from October this year as safety standards and priorities in India continue to improve.

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