Honda teases 2 electric sports cars, including the potentially redesigned NSX

Honda on Tuesday announced a broad strategy that would see the automaker invest R 60 billion in R&D over the next 10 years, with the lion’s share of the funds being spent on electric vehicles and software development.

The strategy sees Honda launch 30 EVs worldwide by 2030, at a time when the automaker plans to sell about two million EVs annually. While most of Honda’s products aren’t very exciting these days, Honda’s strategy includes plans for two electric sports models, one of which could be the potential NSX.

Honda has released a teaser shot depicting sports models hidden under a sheet One of the models, described as a “flagship” car, features a mid-engine supercar ratio. Considering the NSX is sold worldwide as the Honda, it is possible that this flagship model will end up as the redesigned NSX, possibly sold as Acura in the United States.

Acura boss John Ikeda confirmed plans for a third-generation NSX last summer when Acura launched the 2022 NSX Type S to mark the end of the run of the current second-generation model. His comments at the time suggest that the next NSX would be powered by something other than a distinct internal-combustion powertrain like the first-gen car and a hybrid setup like the second-gen car.

The second sports model was described as a special car. It seems to feature a front-engine rear-wheel-drive sports car ratio and as a result it could serve as the spiritual successor to the S2000.

Teaser for Honda Electric Special Sports Car

Teaser for Honda Electric Special Sports Car

Honda did not mention the time for its electric sports models.

Just a week after announcing the strategy, Honda said it would work with General Motors to create a range of affordable EVs based on a new, world-centric platform using GM’s Ultium platform and next-generation versions of battery technology. These new affordable EVs are outstanding from 2027.

Honda will launch EVO from 2026 based on its own new advanced platform known as e: Architecture.

Before these platforms arrive, Honda and Acura will launch an electric SUV based on each GM’s current Ultium platform. These SUVs will arrive in 2024 and will handle GM production

On Tuesday, Honda also reaffirmed plans to build a solid-state battery, a technology that promises lower costs, more range and faster charging than current liquid-type batteries. Honda plans to build a pilot production line for solid-state batteries and begin show production by the spring of 2024.

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