Honda has announced the new SUV for 2023

Honda has unveiled plans for a new SUV to sit next to the HR-V, CR-V and e: Ny1. The new car will occupy the SUV sector of the C-segment, rival cars like Toyota RAV4, Nissan Kashkai and Kia Sportage.

The announcement was made alongside a preview of the upcoming e: Ny1 prototype, which will be available as a full EV. Unlike those cars, the new unnamed SUV will only be a hybrid because Honda says they believe hybrid power still has a role to play in reducing CO2 emissions and helping consumers convert to zero-emissions driving.

Specific powertrain options have not been released, but the upcoming CV could use the same 2.0-liter four-cylinder hybrid E: HIV unit – producing 181bhp and 315Nm of torque. This will be combined with Honda’s automatic fixed-gear transmission.

Inside, you’ll probably see Honda’s 10.2-inch digital dial display and a nine-inch touchscreen and 12-speaker Bose sound system for the top-spec model.

Tom Gardner, Senior Vice President, Honda Motor Europe, said during the announcement: “In 2023, Honda will further expand the availability of our e: HEV full hybrid technology and launch a brand new C-segment SUV.

2023 Honda SUV rendering - 2

“Sitting alongside Honda’s existing HR-V and CR-V and the brand new e: NY1, this car will provide an attractive option for those customers who are looking for a sporty, dynamic, fully-hybrid option.”

Sketches depict the new SUV with some typical Honda design features such as smooth headlights and curved rear lights that look like the new Civic. The front grille is an exit from the modern Honda design and has some sporty side vents and wide arches to reinforce the car’s position. There is no vent in the back and only a small spoiler compatible with the overall uncomfortable appearance.

The new Honda SUV will launch in 2023 and we expect it to start at around £ 30,000 for a slide between the HR-V and the all-new CR-V.

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