GMC teases 2023 Canyon in AT4X trim

The next-generation GMC Canyon will receive an AT4X off-road variant, GMC confirmed in a press release on Thursday.

Scheduled for unveiling in the summer of 2022, and possibly sold as the 2023 model, the new Canyon 2022 GMC Sierra 1500 will be the second GMC model to receive the AT4X treatment after the full-size pickup.

The Canyon AT4X will have 17-inch bedlock-capable wheels, but GMC has not released any other details. Although the AT4X is expected to be a little more hardcore than the current GMC Canyon AT4. Introduced for the 2021 model year, the AT4 adds a 1.0-inch suspension leveling kit, rocker panel protection and front and middle skid plates. In 2021 GMC also showed a heavily accessible AT4 concept car aimed at overlanding.

AT4 has proven to be a bit lighter than expected. When it was initially teased, it was hoped that it would be a revived Chevrolet Colorado ZR2. Will probably go closer to AT4X.

The current generation of both Canyon and Colorado is back in the 2014 model year, so they’re ready for a new design to keep up with new mid-size pickups like the Ford Ranger and Nissan Frontier.

The new models are thought to be based on an updated version of the current model’s 31XX platform, but Colorado spy shots indicate a somewhat larger dimension. Adhering to the current platform means the powertrains can be easily carried, so the 2023 Canyon and Colorado can run with the current petrol and diesel inline-4s and petrol V-6. A hybrid option can be added to the lineup as well.

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