GM cannot produce GMC Hummer EV fast enough, works to increase production

General Motors has received over 65,000 reservations for the 2022 GMC Hummer EV pickup truck and is looking to increase production to meet demand. CNBC Report

The number of reservations is higher than expected, said Duncan Aldred, GMC’s global vice president, in an interview. CNBC. The number of people converting their reservations into firm orders, about 95%, exceeded expectations, he said.

Production is moving “slightly ahead of schedule”, but GMC is looking for ways to increase production to deliver vehicles to reservation holders faster, Aldred said. The backlog of reservations means new orders will probably not be delivered until 2024 at current speeds.

2022 GMC Hummer EV Pre-Production at Factory Zero Plant in Detroit, Michigan

2022 GMC Hummer EV Pre-Production at Factory Zero Plant in Detroit, Michigan

Megan Hart, assistant marketing manager at Hummer Line, said the new reservations are more evenly divided between pickup trucks and Hummer EV SUVs. CNBC. However, GM did not provide a definite breakdown between the two body styles. The SUV 2024 is expected to arrive by 2023 as a model.

GM announced the start of Hummer EV production in December 2021 and recorded a sale that month. Additional Sales GM’s first quarter financial results will be released. The Hummer EV is a low-volume model, but it is important to be the first manufacturing vehicle to use ultium components that will form the basis for the arrival of numerous GM EVs.

The initial production is dedicated to version 1, which boasts a 1,000-hp tri-motor powertrain and a base price of $ 112,595. A $ 99,995 EV3X version is scheduled to arrive in late 2022, followed by the EV2X in 2023 (starting at $ 89,995) and the EV2 in 2024 (starting at $ 79,995).

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