Facelifted 2023 BMW X7 leaked before its debut

For the first time, a leaked BMW X7 without a disguise has released a leaked image posted on Instagram. Published on Cochespias Instagram account, the image shows that the German brand’s flagship SUV is almost ready for its public launch.

What the X7 looks like in standard trim (instead of top-of-the-range M Sport camouflage), the new image gives the first hint of a modified front end. The trademark seems to have been untouched by the big Kidney Grill designers, paired with a new split headlight design similar to the upcoming BMW X8 and 7 Series saloon. The grille below has been completely modified and is now much smaller and two new vents have been adopted on both sides.

Elsewhere, there seems to be a new alloy wheel design for the X7, though the chrome trim that extends from the back of the front wheels and extends to the bottom and rear wheels is the same as before.

Unfortunately, the leaked image does not show the rear of the car, but it is clear from our previous spy shot disguised X7 that the changes would be minimal. Even with the camouflage it can be said that the rear bumper and lights look virtually unchanged, while the current car’s split tailgate remains.

The facelift of the BMW X7 may not come soon, as it faces new competition in the luxury SUV market in the form of a brand new fifth-generation Range Rover. To compensate for this, the facelifted model will also have updates inside and possibly an upgraded new powertrain.

The new lights are complemented by a newly designed bumper, which eliminates the long side intakes of the current car for a smoother look. The huge kidney grills haven’t changed and, although they are heavily masked, the rear bumper and tailgate are almost identical to existing cars. The split tailgate of the current car also remains.

We are not expecting much change in the cabin except for some new trim and updated furnishings. The new X7 will have the same dual 12.3-inch display as the current car, although they will be powered by the latest version of BMW’s iDrive infotainment software.

But there could be some big changes under the bonnet. The modified X7 X5 could borrow a 3.0-liter plug-in hybrid powertrain from the xDrive45e, as BMW continues to advance relentlessly along its electrification strategy. The two cars are based on a similar version of BMW’s CLAR platform, and there should be enough space around the big X7’s chassis to store battery packs and motors.

The system combines a straight-six petrol engine with a 111bhp electric motor and a 24kWh battery, for a combined output of 389bhp and 600Nm of torque. On the X5, the powertrain provides a real-world electric range of 40 to 45 miles, although that number will decrease if the system is bolted to the heavy X7.

UK buyers will still be offered two light-hybrid powertrains of the current X7. Contains a petrol and a diesel, both 3.0-liter straight six units that produce about 340bhp. Both are powered by an 11bhp electric motor that can reduce engine load and provide smooth throttle response at low speeds.

When the revised model debuts, we expect a steady increase in prices across the board to offset the cost of the new look. As such, it is likely that the range will start at around £ 80,000.

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