EXCLUSIVE: More than 280,000 speeding fines have been canceled in 2021

More than one of the seven high-speed tickets issued in Great Britain last year was canceled, according to new official data. The 28 police forces in England, Wales and Scotland that responded to the Freedom of Information request from Auto Express issued a total of 1.87 million speeding tickets in 2021, of which 287,554 (15 per cent) were canceled.

There are several reasons for the cancellation of the fine – for example, if the offensive vehicle is an emergency service vehicle driven in blue light. Administrative problems have also canceled a lot. The force has told us that many have been canceled due to lack of motion-awareness courses due to the epidemic. Others have been canceled after being issued by mistake or with incorrect details. Others missed the six-month deadline because they could not find the backlog or driver.

Several speeding vehicles wearing clone number plates or both were stolen. These fines were revoked because the registered custodians who accepted them were not liable for the offense.

A significant number of fines were also dropped after it was revealed that there were insufficient signboards or road signs at the crime scene. Hojal Uddin, a motoring lawyer for JMW Solicitors, told us that in these cases, the fines imposed after the police are brought to justice would be canceled. Penalties and points that have already been revoked are not reversed in advance, as this can cause inconvenience to the police if, for example, the offense plays a role in disqualification or imprisonment.

Furthermore, there is no way for a driver who has already paid their fine and accepted their penalty points to overturn this result unless they file a civil application for a judicial review, which Uddin says is not something he has ever done before. Didn’t see.

Some of the fines we were told about have been canceled due to less common reasons. Foreign drivers are not followed up for fines, while diplomats with immunity from the prosecution automatically cancel their tickets. In some cases, drivers have died since the crime was committed, while in others, cyclists have triggered cameras.

Of the 1.87m fines recorded, 1.58m (85 percent) was detected by motion cameras; 913,921 were taken by a stationary camera – including average speed tests and smart motorway gantry – where 495,092 came from mobile units. Only 40,864 people pulled through radar guns or drivers through police.

Why have they been torn?

Emergency services

Emergency service vehicles are exempted from speeding tickets when they are in blue light.

Foreign driver

Motorists from abroad are not followed for tickets, or who have diplomatic immunity.


Drivers who successfully argue that road signs / markings are incorrect or inadequate may result in cancellation of their ticket.

Admin problem

Tickets are mistakenly sent or canceled. Kovid has caused problems with the course and the court date.

Stolen vehicles

Tickets for stolen and / or cloned vehicles have been canceled; The registered guardian is not responsible for the offense.

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