Elon Musk, Stellantis boss agrees Ferrari should not build autonomous cars

Out of the question when talking about autonomous vehicle technology, supercars, sports cars, or any car brand that is fast and attractive to drive. Their main selling point is the feeling behind the wheels, so offering self-driving technology is clearly a no-no. Needless to say, we can expect that Ferrari will not be among the brands that will offer autonomous technology in the future.

Thanks, Stellantis Chairman John Elkan agreed. John Elkan is the interim executive chairman and CEO of Elkan Ferrari Advertising.

Elkan himself made the confirmation during a conversation with Tesla CEO Elon Musk at Italian Tech Week. Elkan personally attended the event when Musk joined the conference via a video feed.

As reported by Automotive News EuropeThe center of conversation was not about autonomous driving alone. However, on the subject, Elkan noted that it would be unfortunate for Ferrari to have autonomous vehicles.

“The essence of having a Ferrari is to run it,” Elkan said.

Musk second mentions the notion that some people still prefer to visit Stallion.

“It’s in the logo,” Mask added.

It is very clear that autonomous driving will never be on the table of high-performance brands, and even on the opposite end of the spectrum, the two autonomous CEOs agree that no matter what the future holds, Ferrari will always be driven.

Other ideas discussed by the two CEOs about the use of nuclear energy, however, stand as a long-term solution to solar energy. Musk noted that the recent move away from nuclear is surprising, even calling the energy source “quite safe.”

“Nuclear is a solution that exists, it’s one that we know, it’s one that is safe and one that we must develop very strongly,” Elkan said in support of Musk’s idea.

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