Electric pickup trucks are a “lifetime opportunity,” says VW’s U.S. chief

Pickup trucks reign supreme in the United States, but new entries have tended to struggle due to the dominance of the segment by Detroit brands.

Electrification can provide opportunities for newcomers to find success. We’ve already seen this with Rivian, which has collected thousands of orders for its R1T, as well as similar numbers for Tesla Cybertracks.

Not surprisingly, Volkswagen CEO Scott Coeg said an electric pickup truck could be a boon for the VW brand in the United States during an interview. Business Insider Published Friday.

“I think it’s a lifetime opportunity in this segment because electrification gives you a reset moment,” he said. “It gives you the opportunity to bring some options and some new ideas to this great section.”

Volkswagen Atlas Tanok concept

Volkswagen Atlas Tanok concept

Koeg says an electric pickup is something that VW is “actively investigating”, but now has nothing to report.

VW has already teased the idea of ​​a pickup for the US market not once, but twice. The automaker first introduced the Atlas Tanok concept in 2018, which was based on the Atlas medium-sized SUV. The second time was in 2019 when the automaker introduced the star concept. Tarok was the younger brother of Atlas Tanok, but built on the same MQB platform.

If VW gives the green light for an electric pickup in the United States, it almost certainly means that trucks have to be built here to avoid a 25% chicken tax on imported trucks. While a new plant is a possibility, VW also has a plant in Chatanuga, Tennessee, where the automaker has already built ID.4 small crossovers and will add more EVs to the roster in the future.

VW is already selling a handful of internal-combustion pickups outside the United States, including the Amarok mid-size, which will be redesigned around Ford Ranger’s T6 platform. However, VW is not expected to offer Amarok here, although the automaker did not rule out the possibility.

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