“Despite surpassing Indonesia, the UK is in the top 15 worldwide

In terms of car-production, 2021 was the year of the adventurous overtake. India and South Korea have surpassed Germany. Indonesia has done the same in the case of the United Kingdom. And the theme continued to be that the less-than-expected Spain is doing unimaginable things beyond a super-confident United States that was once the world’s number one carmaker – but now finds itself in eighth place. Ouch. That should hurt.

There is no doubt that among the major players, Germany, America, Mexico and Canada were among the biggest losers in 2021 as compared to 2020, as all four outlets suffered huge losses.

But at the same time, fast-growing manufacturers such as Argentina and Pakistan have both doubled their car production year on year. It seems that these two unlikely countries were not affected by the same level of chip deficit, covid complexity and lack of confidence that crippled other ‘good and strong’ autonomous countries last year. Interesting, that.

Near home, Austria, Finland and Portugal are at the top, while Germany, Holland and Slovenia are not only on the decline, they are deep down. And in the midst of all this is the United Kingdom, whose production fell by almost seven per cent in 2021 vs. 2020. But even after Indonesia surpassed Indonesia last year in the car-manufacturing league table (how did we allow it to happen)?

The top ten includes China (21.4 million), Japan (6.6 m), India (3.6 m), South Korea (3.2 m), Germany (3.1 m), Brazil (1.7 m), Spain (1.7 m), and the United States. 1.6 m), Russia (1.3 m) and Czech Republic (1.1 m).

In all, Europe produced 11.3m cars last year – 8m Western European / Scandinavian, 3.3m Eastern European. The CIS (the Commonwealth of Independent States, ie the former USSR, including Russia, Belarus and Ukraine) churned about 1.7 meters. North and South America built 4.5 meters, Africa only 600,000. So, keeping in mind those huge regions of the world, we produced a total of about 19 million cars in 2021.

Then there is Asia. Last year it made 38 million – the overwhelming majority of them – what could be called the northeast of the continent – where China, South Korea and Japan compete side by side (in that order) in a happily friendly (ish) fashion.

Among them, these three completely independent Far East Asian countries are now responsible for making more than half of the world’s cars for consumers. Cricky. If they continue like this, they may begin to enjoy near-exclusive status.

Meanwhile, a huge country called Australia sits just down the road from Greater China and its relatively small neighboring South Korea and Japan – which has not built a car for years. This is madness. A long-awaited relaunch for Holden and / or the birth of the Australian Electric Car Company (AECC).

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