Buick has submitted a trademark application for a new logo, first seen in the document. CarBuzz.

An application filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) on March 16, 2022 shows a variation of the automaker’s traditional tri-shield logo, which has been lightly updated since 1959 and since. The ring around the shields in the current logo is gone, and instead of being arranged in a corner, the shields are side by side. When it dropped the wreath from its logo in 2014, Buick, like Cadillac, was going for a smoother look.

The application aims to cover “motor vehicles, such as automobiles” and “electronic key fobs for automobiles”, as well as numerous categories such as mugs and clothing. If Buick really plans to change his logo, one would expect that the trademark would cover any possible instances where the new logo could be used.

2022 Buick Invasion

2022 Buick Invasion

However, Buick has not confirmed plans for a new logo. Automakers regularly bombard USPTO with applications, ranging from vehicle names to new technical features that are not always used in manufacturing vehicles.

Buick himself recently trademarked the name Electra, a classic name from its past. Although the name Electra has been applied to a recent concept car in China, the automaker has given no indication of future plans for the new Electra production model.

The brand will launch at least two electric SUVs by 2023. According to a 2020 GM announcement, one will have a conventional ratio, the other will have more coupe-like profiles. Will they play a new logo and name one Electra when they debut? It would seem appropriate. Stay tuned.

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