Brie Larson will star in the next film, Fast and Furious

According to a recent Instagram post by franchise star Vin Diesel, Bri Larson will be appearing in the 10th “Fast and Furious” movie.

“You never know how timeless and amazing he will be in our mythology,” wrote Diesel Larson, who played the superhero Captain Marvel and recently appeared in a series of Nissan commercials.

Scheduled for release on May 19, 2023, the next Fast and Furious movie will feature “Aquaman” star Jason Momoa in an undisclosed role. The movie is tentatively referred to as “F10”, although Diesel called it “Fast 10” in his post.

Most of the cast of previous movies is also expected to return, but this will not include Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, who said earlier this year that he would not return to the franchise and that Diesel’s attempt to get it back was a ploy.

Entertainment Weekly John Cenao reported last August that he had not committed to reclaiming his character Jacob Toretto, the brother of Diesel Dominic Toretto, who was introduced in 2021’s “F9”.

Justin Lynn, who has directed six to three episodes of the franchise, as well as F9, the 10th Fast and Furious movie and its sequel, will return to the management of the franchise number 11.

Lynn had previously hinted that parts 10 and 11 would share an exaggerated story that would wrap up the franchise’s original plot. Diesel said in a 2021 interview that the 11th film – set for release in 2024 – would be the end of the original story. However, it still leaves room for spinoffs like the 2019 “Hobbes and Shaw”.

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