2024 Mini Hardtop Spy Shot: The Final ICE-Powered Generation Seen

The Mini is preparing for the fourth generation of its modern lineup, and the first member to arrive will be a redesigned hardtop.

We’ve previously brought you a spy shot of an electric version of a redesigned hardtop (shown below), and now we have a redesigned hardtop spy shot powered by an internal combustion engine. Both are due in 2023 as 2024 models

At this time, the electric hardtop will be based on a dedicated electric vehicle platform built by BMW Group and Chinese partner Great Wall Motors. Production of electric hardtops will also be conducted in China, and the word on the street is that there will be at least two versions.

2024 Mini Hardtop EV Prototype

2024 Mini Hardtop EV Prototype

The ICE-powered hardtop will be a heavier update to the outgoing hardtop than the truly new design and it is reflected in the spy shots that show a design similar to the outgoing model. The Mini plans to switch to EV power this decade and its final ICE-powered model is locked in 2025 as the launch date.

Although the exterior design will not change much, we hope the interior will adopt a new design that will be shared with the electric hardtop. The Mini has previously hinted at a digital dash, where a single panel holds the screen for both the instrument cluster and the infotainment hub.

The underpinning of the ICE-powered hardtop will be BMW Group’s FAAR platform for front-wheel drive vehicles. This is an evolution of the UKL platform based on the outgoing model, which means that plug-in hybrid power will be possible.

2024 Mini Hardtop Spy Shot - Photo Credit: S.  Baldauff / SB-Median

2024 Mini Hardtop Spy Shot – Photo Credit: S. Baldauff / SB-Median

Production of the ICE-powered hardtop will be conducted at the BMW Group plant in Oxford, UK, where the outgoing model is built. A four-door hardtop is once again possible, though the Mini has yet to confirm plans for one. A related convertible is also a sure bet.

The brand will be busy for the next few years as it renews its lineup and adds new model lines. Offering both ICE and electrical options, a newly designed Countryman is scheduled for 2023. We also know about joining two more crossover lineups. A dedicated EV will be shaped like a countryman. It is scheduled for 2023 and could revive Paceman’s name. The other is bigger than the Countryman and is expected to offer ICE and electrical options. We need to see this model in 2024.

Sadly, it no longer seems that the Mini is planning to launch a model smaller than the hardtop.

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